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Moorabbin Airport is the leading General Aviation flight training airport in Victoria.

Moorabbin is one of the largest aviation education facilities in the world, training 1,250 pilots every year by 670 people employed in the aviation industry. Our economic analysis values the export of flight training from Moorabbin Airport, in the order of $50 million per annum from the training of local and international students. In addition, 400 flight training instructors are based at Moorabbin Airport. 25% of students training at the airport are undertaking simultaneous university studies and 30% of students come from international destinations.

The airport supports one of the largest general aviation clusters on the east coast of Australia and has the largest number of flight training organisations in South East Asia.

Moorabbin Airport will continue to develop the flight training and education offerings, with the target to more than double the number of aviation students trained responsibly at the airport over the coming years. Working with Victorian universities and all levels of government, the airport seeks to continue to work with institutions involved with, or considering aviation related courses.

Learning to fly at Moorabbin Airport offers trainee pilots excellent aviation infrastructure, including:

  • 5 operational runways - in excess of 13km of sealed runway and taxiways
  • Over 40 aviation related businesses - hangers, flight operators, aircraft testing, flight simulators, aviation maintenance and other aviation support services
  • Option to choose from rotary or fixed wing flight training schools
  • No curfews - 24 hour operations enabling training in all weather conditions
  • An airport operator committed to providing safe, well maintained aviation infrastructure

Visit the Business Directory to view the training schools at Moorabbin and a range of commercial businesses that service their needs.

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Learning to fly + your options

Learn to fly

Moorabbin Airport is home to the largest commercial flight training centre for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. CAE Oxford, one of the world’s leading independent providers of integrated aviation flight training, chooses Moorabbin Airport as its Australian base. Download our checklist of flight training questions you may consider asking your prospective flight training school.

CAE Oxford

The Moorabbin campus of CAE Oxford partners with Swinburne University of Technology to deliver the only bachelor degree level flying course in Victoria.

Students split their time between Swinburne and CAE Oxford Aviation Academy covering the academic units of their course at Hawthorn and completing flying theory and flying training at Moorabbin Airport.

The program incorporates:

  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating
  • Aerobatics
  • Flight Instructor Rating or Multi Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Course
  • Frozen ATPL

Applications for this program must be made directly with Swinburne University of Technology.

Soar Aviation

Soar Advanced Flight Training (SAFT) has joined forces with Box Hill Institute to deliver the Diploma of Aviation. Theory classes are held at Box Hill Institute, while flight training is completed at Moorabbin Airport.

Upon successful completion of the AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane), students will be awarded Diploma competencies, and be eligible to undertake the CASA licence tests for the following qualifications:  

  • Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC)
  • Cross-Country Navigation Endorsement
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

The following endorsements will also be achieved:

  • Propellor Pitch Control Endorsement (CSU Endorsement)
  • Multi-Engine Class Rating
  • Also offered is the AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating), and AVI50516 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor)   

Fixed wing pilot qualifications

Fixed wing pilot qualifications

Fixed wing flight training organisations at Moorabbin Airport offer training to become a Private Pilot or a Commercial Pilot. The details for the stages of qualifications available for flight training are available from the flight training schools on Moorabbin Airport.

Tristar Aviation courses

  • Stage 1 - General Flying Progress Test (GFPT) - minimum age 16 years - this licence allows the student to carry passengers within the designated training area.
  • Stage 2 - Private Pilot Licence (PPL) - minimum age 17 years - this licence allows the pilot to fly within Australia during daylight hours and fair weather conditions.
  • Commercial Pilot Licence - minimum age 18 years - this licence allows the pilot to obtain paid employment as a pilot.

Additional qualifications

  • Night VFR Rating - allows the pilot to fly at night under visual flight rules (VFR).
  • Instrument Rating - allows the pilot to flying in poor weather on aircraft instruments.
  • Instructor Rating.
  • Multi Engine Aircraft Rating.

Rotary wing pilot qualifications

Rotary wing pilot qualifications

Rotary wing, helicopter, pilot training is available from Moorabbin Airport from a range of operators. Many of our operators recommend you take a trial flight to see if flying is your thing and then explore your options. It is possible obtain a Private or Commercial Helicopter Pilot’s Licence from Moorabbin Airport.   

The training schools provide details on costs, requirements and many other tips to maximise your learning.

Search for flight training operators at Moorabbin Airport using our Business Directory.

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