Moorabbin Airport has the capacity to house 600 fixed wing and rotary aircraft. This comprises 230 in hangars, 160 in licensed or tarmac parking areas and the remainder on open land allocated to aircraft parking.

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passengers fly to King Island yearly

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pilots train at the airport annually

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active runways

Airport facilities


Air traffic control

    The control tower at Moorabbin Airport is located in the central western zone of the airport, adjacent to the MAC offices on Bundora Parade. The operating hours for the tower are published in the Enroute Supplement.


Currently both AVGAS and AVTUR (Jet A1) are available from a range of operators, with both fuel types being distributed by tanker vehicles. Self-serve AVGAS dispensers are also provided.


    At present Moorabbin Airport maintains a non-directional beacon (NDB) located on the western side of the airport along second avenue.

    This navaid remains operational, as a number of GA aircraft types use this facility as a primary means of navigation and training.

    This navaid has been retained in the Airservices Australia network to provide a back-up to satellite based navigational systems, although many newer aircraft no longer retain the required avionics equipment to use it.


Five runways service the Airport. Runways 17L/35R and 17R/35L are equipped with low intensity runway lighting. The current runways and associated lengths and widths are as follows:

Runway Length x width (m)
17L/35R 1335 x 30
17R/35L 1240 x 18
13L/31R 1150 x 30
13R/31L 1060 x 18
04/22 571 x 18



State significant infrastructure

    Moorabbin Airport is recognised as a state significant asset by the Victorian Government and provides a key economic and employment function for both Melbourne and Victoria. MAC aims to strengthen the specialised activity of Moorabbin Airport through continued promotion of the airport as a major employment precinct for the local community, south-east region of Melbourne and the State of Victoria.

    Moorabbin Airport is working hard to develop meaningful strategic relationships with the Victorian State Government to enhance the offerings for our aviation tenants and expand their networks into growth areas in south-east Asia.


Aviation infrastructure

    Aviation infrastructure includes runways, taxiways, passenger terminal, hardstand and grassed parking and an Air Traffic Control Tower. There are five operational runways at Moorabbin, with an estimated 13 kilometres of sealed runways and taxiways. The Airport has recently upgraded its airfield lighting to the latest technology.



King Island Airlines

King Island Airlines offers 12 scheduled passenger flights per week between Moorabbin and King Island. As the only airline that specialises in servicing King Island, they have a wealth of knowledge around travel, holiday packages and freight options. Read more.

Charter flights and air tours

Charter flights and air tours

Helicopter - Melbourne and surrounds


    Tour with Microflite around Melbourne, and experience the best designations Victoria has, to offer. Read more

    Professional helicopter services

    PHS offer a variety of scenic flights and tours throughout Victoria. Read more.

    Helicopter group

    The Helicopter Group is specialised in Scenic Flights, Winery Tours and Charters all around Melbourne and Victoria. Read more.    


Facilities for charter services

Facilities for charter services

Moorabbin Airport Management is willing to assist all operators and visitors with help and assistance in all areas of aircraft and passenger’s operations.

Services offered include:

  • Dedicated parking
  • Terminal facilities with services tailored to your client's needs
  • Car to aircraft service (business hours by arrangement only)
  • Catering 
  • Flight planning facilities
  • Pre-booking of ground transport
  • Ramp services arrangements
  • Crew accommodation
  • Maintenance supportConference facilities