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Moorabbin Airport is Australia’s leading general aviation flight training airport located in the south-east of Melbourne. The airport is home to a range of general aviation activities including flying training, flight charters, aviation maintenance, general and recreation aviation operations.

Filming at Moorabbin Airport

Moorabbin Airport offers a range of aviation settings for film productions. While we will endeavour to accommodate the media with their requests for photographs and to obtain footage for news and current affairs programming, our main responsibility is to provide a safe and secure airfield. All media must seek permission to be on-site at Moorabbin Airport.

Filming requests

Please follow the below guidelines when visiting the airport for the purposes of obtaining photographs or footage:

  1. Obtain permission to film – Moorabbin Airport requires prior notice (minimum of 24 hours) for any camera crew accessing airport facilities, to avoid security breaches.
  2. Do not interrupt or interfere with general operations of the airport – any media interrupting operations will be requested to leave the airport precinct.
  3. Any filming of our tenants should be discussed in the first instance with them and then our Media Advisor to ensure the safety of all airport users. If a tenant does not give the media permission to film, we will respect their wishes.    
  4. Airport staff are not to be filmed, photographed or questioned unless consent from MAC has been granted. Please contact MAC directly for this consent. Security staff or procedures must not to be filmed.

For more information please email our media advisor to discuss your filming requirements.

Media parking

All media are to park in general public car park opposite the Airport Management Centre. Permission is also required for a LINK van and can also be obtained by calling the media line on +61 3 8587 8000.


Please note that failure to comply with these conditions may result in withdrawal of permission to be at Moorabbin Airport, fines being incurred and/or towing of vehicles.

Media contact

T +61 3 8587 8000
E [email protected]