Current developments

All building works at Moorabbin Airport are subject to regulatory controls by the Federal Government under the Airports Act 1996 and the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996.

An Airport Building Controller (ABC) is appointed by the Australian Government to ensure activities at Moorabbin Airport meet the appropriate building and engineering standards. The ABC must be notified about any and all construction and building activities and formal approval given by way of a Building or Works Permit before works commence. This includes new buildings, fit-outs, civil works such as roads and drains, trenching and excavation, and demolition activities.

Under the Airports Regulations, minor building and construction activities (e.g. repairs and alterations) do not require a formal application, but must be brought to the attention of the ABC. Moorabbin Airport Corporation (MAC) provides and maintains a comprehensive network of electrical, water, sewerage, gas and telecommunication services. The installation or replacement of plant and equipment that requires connection to electrical, sewerage, gas, water or telecommunication services must be approved by both the ABC and MAC.

Where works involve interruptions or changes to aircraft activities, a Method of Working Plan (MOWP) may need to be developed to plan works to minimise interruptions to aircraft activities. MAC will advise if an MOWP is required.

View details of other developments currently under consideration, and recently approved developments:

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