Moorabbin Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group

The Moorabbin Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) meets quarterly and is comprised of peak Community Organisations, Aviation, Business Sectors and Government. You can view meeting minutes and annual reports here.

Community bodies and government agencies provide information to the CACG issues regarding aircraft noise management, flight paths, noise abatement procedures and safety measures where applicable.

The Group is not an arbitration or decision making body and has no power to direct or implement Commonwealth, State/Territory, Local Government or Airport policy in regards the development of Moorabbin Airport.

The CACG references the key Airport documents to guide their discussions:

Individual members of the committee may raise issues affecting their constituency to be addressed within the Group.   MAC provides information from time to time regarding forthcoming plans for land use and activities at the airport.

The CACG has an independent Chair (currently David Hall, formerly Director of Community Affairs Victoria) and comprises the following members:

  • Moorabbin Airport Corporation
  • City of Kingston- Councillors and Executive
  • State Government
  • Federal Members
  • Airservices Australia
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • Airport tenants: normally 3-4 flying organisations including RVAC
  • Dingley Village Community Association (DVCA)
  • Heatherton and Dingley Village Committee

The CACG can be contacted via the Airport Management Centre

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